Go Get It! Women’s Empowerment Conference

“To ignite a fire within the Spirits of Women that will inspire transformation, healing, wholeness and greatness” is the mission. Go Get It! Women's Empowerment Conference was hosted by LaShaun James and Whitney D. Smith. Their future goal for the conference is to be nationally recognized for empowering women to use their gifts and talents … Continue reading Go Get It! Women’s Empowerment Conference

Brown Mother’s for Brown Sons

An evening of inhaling love and exhaling hate. The weather was frightful but one by one we walked in. Hugs and kisses. Questions of, "How is the family?" Ramarley Graham brought strangers together all searching for the bandit Justice created family. Frank Graham said, "We will not stop until we get Justice. We are looking … Continue reading Brown Mother’s for Brown Sons

Brown Mother’s Support Homeless Children

Displaced Children residing at West Help were able to enjoy their 2014 Christmas morning! Tis' the Season in Mount Vernon, New York as concerned citizens of Westchester, the Five-Boroughs, and Rockland County gathered to fill small hearts with Joy. The Alamo provided finger foods while Cupcake Cutie Boutique provided delicious bite size cupcakes as the … Continue reading Brown Mother’s Support Homeless Children

Brown Mother’s Believe in Being Great by Choice

I had a splendid day on October the 12th! Filling my educators cup once again at Teachers College 85th Saturday Reunion. I crossed paths with educators from Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and of course New York City! Our "hearts & souls" were anxious to be gratified by educators who believe in being Great by Choice. … Continue reading Brown Mother’s Believe in Being Great by Choice