Brown Mother’s Uplifting Princess of Peace

As each girl arrived with their brown eyes loaded with wonderings, they were greeted with, "Good Afternoon future Princess of Peace!" They nodded, scanned over their gift bags loaded with goodies, and rushed to a seat. Each girl received a personal invitation to sit with "I Am a Princess of Peace" program. They were invited … Continue reading Brown Mother’s Uplifting Princess of Peace

Brown Mother’s Support Homeless Children

Displaced Children residing at West Help were able to enjoy their 2014 Christmas morning! Tis' the Season in Mount Vernon, New York as concerned citizens of Westchester, the Five-Boroughs, and Rockland County gathered to fill small hearts with Joy. The Alamo provided finger foods while Cupcake Cutie Boutique provided delicious bite size cupcakes as the … Continue reading Brown Mother’s Support Homeless Children