Freedom Girl

Freedom Girl attends birthday parties and small events. She brings with her books and hero capes for children to embrace being a "Super Reader." When Children Reading daily they: 1.  Increase their imagination 2.  Build the way they focus and concentrate 3.  Improve their memory 4.  Open up communication 5. Develop their language 6.  Fluency increases … Continue reading Freedom Girl

The Shamoya McKenzie Foundation

The Shamoya McKenzie Foundation 2nd Annual Gala honoured Community Samaritans at the Eastwood Manor located in the Bronx. Shamoya McKenzie was on top of the world as she left midday basketball practice on New Year’s Eve 2016. The 6-foot-2 middle-schooler had just learned she was moving up to the high school varsity and her mother … Continue reading The Shamoya McKenzie Foundation

Tha B.U.M.P Let Girls Learn in Belize

Educating girls is essential to healthy and thriving communities. However 98 million girls worldwide are not in school, and barriers to adolescent girls’ education continue to persist. We understand that all girls should have the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty, raise healthier families, and help build … Continue reading Tha B.U.M.P Let Girls Learn in Belize

Miesha Stokely Demanded RESPECT

With passion and courage she stood in front of her establishment. Shirley Chisholm exclaimed, “America has the laws and material resources it takes to insure justice for all its people. What it lacks is the heart, the humanity, the Christian love that it would take.” Miesha Stokely the owner of the CupCake Cutie Boutique an … Continue reading Miesha Stokely Demanded RESPECT

Riding to Feed the Children in Belize, Central America

Early Sunday morning in Belize City, cyclists, both professionals and amateur joined for an important cause, Hungry Children. Michael Burgess and his daughter Michaela are carrying the torch of the Black Panthers through riding. This summer he and his daughter joined Darra Robinson Feed the Hungry fundraiser. On a given morning Robinson have about 100 … Continue reading Riding to Feed the Children in Belize, Central America

Founder of Love Foundation Belize

Deborah Ann Sewell, is best known for her current position as Managing Director of the Love Foundation and Co-host of the Love Morning Show. She previously served on the board of directors of Love Foundation and is credited by Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr. for sparking the idea of the Foundation by insisting that the company’s philanthropic endeavors should be separated … Continue reading Founder of Love Foundation Belize