Riding to Feed the Children in Belize, Central America

Early Sunday morning in Belize City, cyclists, both professionals and amateur joined for an important cause, Hungry Children.

Michael Burgess and his daughter Michaela are carrying the torch of the Black Panthers through riding. This summer he and his daughter joined Darra Robinson Feed the Hungry fundraiser. On a given morning Robinson have about 100 children he would feed before heading off to school. Michael shared, “He’s been doing this for more than seven years. Children would come to Birds Isle and eat breakfast. He collects whatever you can give him.” The Black Panther Party stood for focusing on doing something when things were wrong. Michael was a former student at Mount Vernon High School. He learned about the Black Panthers while living in America and believe in being an active member of his community. The Free Breakfast for School Children Program started in 1969 which was a service to school children every morning. Members of the Black Panthers would cook and serve food in the poorer urban neighborhoods. The program fed more than 10,000 children daily. “Darra Robinson Feed the Hungry fundraiser has the same concept,” explains Burgess.

Michael migrated to Mt. Vernon in 1982 but returned to Belize around 2008 to raise his family and to serve his community. He is a cyclist for health reasons and as a hobby.  Mr. Burgess ended by adding, “It is understood that our children in Belize, in fact all over are in need of a nutritional breakfast every morning so they can learn. I believe in it and will continue to ride for the children.”

With Love,


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