Brown Mother’s Uplifting Princess of Peace

As each girl arrived with their brown eyes loaded with wonderings, they were greeted with, “Good Afternoon future Princess of Peace!” They nodded, scanned over their gift bags loaded with goodies, and rushed to a seat. Each girl received a personal invitation to sit with “I Am a Princess of Peace” program. They were invited to take a tag and write their names then pick a treat. Sweet donuts with sprinkles and a choice of milk or orange juice for their “chat and chew”.

During the chat and chew the girls picked various questions to spark conversation such as “Would you rather watch the sun rise or the sun set? If you could donate $100,000 to a charity, which one would you choose?” Answers varied each unique and organic.

The founder of I Am a Princess of Peace Cynthia Turnquest-Jones sat with eleven bright, beautiful, and energized girls at Cecil H. Parker Elementary School in Mount Vernon, New York. The request came from their Principal and Teacher Simone Oliver who heard about the program that started at Graham Elementary School.

The girls spoke about “Peace” and how to open their heart to kindness. The program focuses on being of peace with your classmates as well as with yourself. Teaching the girls and building their awareness of how important it is to begin treating themselves with special attention and kindness which will eventually begin to show in their actions towards others.

One girl said, “I get into a lot of trouble but, I will try some of the peaceful ways.” Another girl asked, “Can you come back Princess Cynthia and do this every week?” These girls are ready to make a change and bring peace to their school community.

Cynthia believes that all girls must be given time to think about how they can contribute to their community by building their self-image. Each Princess are told that they could achieve peace once they set their minds to it. With skills and courage all are pushed out of their comfort zone and face any challenge.

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