Brown Mother’s for Brown Sons

An evening of inhaling love and exhaling hate. The weather was frightful but one by one we walked in. Hugs and kisses. Questions of, “How is the family?” Ramarley Graham brought strangers together all searching for the bandit Justice created family. Frank Graham said, “We will not stop until we get Justice. We are looking forward to the firing of each officers who were a part of the murder of my son. We will be here every single day. On Bridges! On Highways! We will continue.” With the words “Daddy loves you on his back” Frank continued by saying, “Tonight is about the love and respect that we had for Ramarley. We want you to walk out of here understanding that a young man was taken away too soon and how much we love him.”

A program in honour of Ramarley Graham who was slain by NYPD on February 2, 2012 took place as the snowflakes kissed you on the way into the Crawford Memorial Methodist Church you felt the love.

A rapper by the name of Majesty smoked the mic with lyrics that made the church stand. “I was not born in a manger” and “how you snitching to the same man that shoot you?” While a praise dancer braved the storm and floated in the air with Ramarley in her soul.

One dressed in red and the other hair in braids Gerald Graham and John Allen sang “His Eye is on the Sparrow”. They said they never met Ramarley but had the pleasure of meeting their dad and had to come and share their gift with the family.

One by one the mic was grabbed by someone who joined in love for Ramarley’s family. Mother of Anthony Rosario slain in 1995 stated, “There can not be any Justice. There can not be any Peace. When your loved one is stolen from you.” While Mother Iris Baez of 1994 slain Anthony Baez spoke softly reminding everyone to, “keep the faith, keep strong, and understand that all we want is Justice.” She paused and quietly said, “And we have been passive for too long. I am not giving up. We have to say NO MORE.”

Constance Malcolm known to me as “Lil Miss” smiled and said, “I can not thank everyone enough. I appreciate you.” A smile I never saw before. For Brown Sons Love Cynthia 🌸







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