Tha B.U.M.P Support Riders for Justice

Ride for Justice along the Hutchinson River Parkway was monumental. I had the opportunity to see power, peace and love. The cyclist community were exciting and started out early which is my cup of tea. I met many various groups and teams who were excited for Justice.

I talk about Dear Black Man, I Love You but yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with many Black Men and shared that I love them. Amongst the host of cyclists were some individuals who I want to introduce to you. Just a few Black Men I know personally:

King George creator of Solid the Movement and Private Disc Jockey who is also a resident of Mount Vernon. My family calls him “Georgie” and I’ve known him since he was a little pea LOL. A conscious Black Man who eats right and believe in my program “Let Girls Learn.” George rode with his team Solid for Justice. If you are in need of Solid apparel and a disk jockey for your private events give King a buzz on Instagram.

King George

Kevin Blades resident of Mount Vernon, who enjoys his cycling lifestyle and an upstanding Black Man. He is cycling for Justice with a group of healthy individuals who are conscious about Black Health Mattering. Kevin is also my cousin-in-law who just so happens to be Belizian. When we are in Belize, Central America, at the same time we are enjoying life, sun, and the art of doing nothing. If you are in need of being educated about Belize give Kev a link.

Kevin Blades

Groovy Lou celebrity stylist who is currently working on his vegan lifestyle restaurant in Mount Vernon. “Groovey’s Vegan” is scheduled to open at 110 East Prospect Avenue within one a couple of months. Groovey Lou is a hell of a dancer. As a MC, I had Groovey Lou and George “G.O.” as my backup dancers for performances. We would rock out at the Palace in New Rochelle and some spots in the Dirty South Bronx like the Castle. I am looking forward to supporting “Groovey’s Vegan”. Follow Groovey on Instagram.

Groovey Lou

Groovey Lou

Detective Dave Clarke. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about a community leader. If you are in need of having organic conversations Dave Clarke is that guy. Our parents have been buddies for many years. My father calls him “Lil Clarkeee”. Your community need officers like Clarke. Who is intentionally bridging the gap and is a champion for Black Lives Mattering. He is also co-founder of the PDC Foundation which focus on young scholars and infusing their educational journey thru traveling. Detective Dave Clarke is available by contacting the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Detective Dave Clarke

Troy Millings Co-Founder of Earn Your Leisure. Earn Your Leisure can be found on Instagram plus you can sign up for their podcast. I worked with Troy Millings for many years in the NYC DOE as fellow educators. When you get a chance please follow Troy and Rashad who will give you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. Because of Troy and Rashad, I started teaching “Money Talk” classes in the Schools library. I realized that kindergarten students can and will benefit for conversations about assets and liabilities.

Troy Millings

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