Tha B.U.M.P Supports Coach Nesta Felix

It’s summer time! Mt. Vernon Fathers, Sons and Daughters are in school on a Saturday. Yes! Cecil H. Parker was echoing with bouncing and hoops. Smiles. Sweat. Cheers. Trophies. Gatorade. The Annual Father & Me B-Ball Games hosted by NewFlex Youth Programs was well on their way by eleven o’clock. Fathers were teamed up with their son or daughter. Playing four on four or two on twos. City Councilwoman Lisa Copeland joined the courts as well. She spoke words of encouragement to continue working together as residents of Mt. Vernon and challenged them to a game of ball. As a former basketball star she also took time out to coach a little ball player on the sidelines. While teams of fathers and children played.

Coach is defined as an angel, saint and miracle who spreads Love around Mt. Vernon. The mission is to provide mentoring for youth in various areas. Coach Nesta Felix Executive Director and Founder of NewFlex Hoops is feeding our youth ages 7-17 with basketball skills while intentionally expounding on developing self-image, character and other necessary tools for advancing as successful future leaders. NewFlex Hoops was born after her concentration towards her MBA in 2009 at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.

Activist Cynthia Turnquest-Jones of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership joined in on a free throw competition with City Councilwoman Lisa Copeland destroying her. “I had a great time. Lisa knows that I am a track star.” Friendly conversations with fathers and sons for the Love of Basketball. Fourth generation resident and master in public administration Shawyn Patterson-Howard also joined the courts with three pointers and successful free throws. All of this while Coach Nesta Felix was on the bull horn cheering, criticizing, and rapping about basketball. She paused as a student walked up. “Come here for a second let me talk to you about your actions.” Coach stood and spoke. Correcting the student for something she did that was unacceptable. After the chat. The student walked away and joined in on the games. Mission accomplished.

NewFlex is a program with a focus of what is needed in the community of Mt. Vernon that will benefit the future Youth Leaders. If you are interested in contributing time and monetary gifts please click the link

With Love ❤️




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