Brown Mothers’ Advocate for Stopping Mass Incarceration 

Black Boys Wanted! Live! Eastchester Garden. NYPD Targets Youth In Public Housing. The Eastchester Garden raid on April 27th, 2016 involved around 700 officers, immigration, and FBI. 120 were arrested ALL Black & Latino. They raided Grant & Manhattanville houses in West Harlem in 2014, indicting 103 youths, and the Taft, Johnson and Lehman houses in East Harlem in 2013, indicting 63. Bratton promises he will conduct more raids this summer of 2016! Black Boys Wanted! #blacklivesmatter


There is a hunger for our Black Boys in New York. Loading them up in jails and keeping them locked up. These jails are loaded with Future doctors, Future lawyers, Future entrepreneurs, future scientist, future chemist, future fathers, and future activist. Who never get the opportunity to shine. We Rally & March to STOP THE RAIDS… I spoke out in April, 2017! This one was for my boys who were caught in the raids and to Geo who died because of the raids! Mark Williams, Quaysean Cannonier, Carleto Allen, Richard Montaque, James Pilgrim, DaQuan Reid, Ricardo Stewart, Dantee Plumer, Brian Richards, Robert Haughton. #stoptheraids #stopmassincarceration #nojusticenopeace


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