Tha BUMP Gets Dirty

“MVPL Garden Club” Thank You Trustee Hope Marabel for acknowledging me today. Getting acknowledged makes me blush & get very mushy internally. I learned a lot even though I went to support Bro Arthur Muhammad. Actions like tiling, weeding, and seedlings. Brother Muhammed took time to correct with love. “Not dirt, soil”.

Cynthia Turnquest-Jones
Founder of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc

I am excited about next season when we increase nursery beds, signs, and seating areas. The Mount Vernon Public Library Garden Club! Once again thank you MVPL Trustees for this seed!

Judith Williams-Davis Library Trustee said, “I’ve gotten to know her by watching. I know Cynthia Turnquest-Jones by watching her weed out a garden of young girls. Different types of flowers, many with thorns.”

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