Books. Badges. Beverages.

Books. Badges. Beverages. in Mount Vernon, New York 2020. This is not our first partnership. We collaborated for the first time in 2012 with the belief and understanding that every child deserves a gift during the holidays. We collected toys and coat. We even had gingerbread houses to decorate. Let’s not forget the Let Girls Learn days and Black Girls Bake extravaganzas. Except this time. This time we are experiencing a crisis like never before. We battled with social distancing and the whispers of should we verse shouldn’t we.

First Little Reader! He showed up with the best mask & an awesome spirit.
BOOK. Cookie BADGE. Mug by Crate & Barrel plus a Yummie BEVERAGE… “book badges beverage”. We were there until 6pm!

We found a pocket of upside in the midsts of the Covid crisis. The actions of “drive by” and “drive thru” gave us hope. Then the word “books”. Ahhhhh! Books, the perfect gift for children.

What was profuse about Saturday, December 19, 2020 was the amount of love along with the level of trust. It took me three days to put this experience into words.

Books. Badges. Beverages was breathtaking and might I add magical. Parents and children wore their mask and were confident that the journey to the Cupcake Cutie Boutique would be advantageous. As it was… with love Cynthia. David. Montika

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