Tha B.U.M.P is Dining with Youth of Mount Vernon, New York

Understanding can help people avoid embarrassing situations. It is also a rudimentary part of etiquette. Etiquette helps us know how to treat others. Etiquette helps us to know how to react and conduct ourselves in different environments. Etiquette is not about being perfect, or being prim and proper.

Cynthia Turnquest-Jones dining with Youth in Mount Vernon, New York

As children, we are taught that good manners are paramount. We need to say please and thank you, share with other children, and chew with our mouths closed. The importance of etiquette is never questioned. But, there are various types etiquette. Kelly Denise Events reached out to Tha B.U.M.P. to host sessions with Young Learners who are preparing for a cotillion. It is with pleasure to partner with Kelly Denise Events LLC who is creating with our future powerful Youth.

The menu was discussed. You can question what is on the menu.

Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, Founder of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc. sat with ten awesome teenagers in Mount Vernon, New York. They represented all three high schools Mount Vernon Public High School, Denzil Washington Performing Arts High School, and S.T.E.A.M High School. Each bringing to the table their organic conversations who showed genuine interest about two words “dining etiquette.” What is etiquette? Why, exactly, is etiquette so important? Our first session was “classroom etiquette” which of course included technology. For better or worse, technology is here to stay. I include technology in most of my conversations with our Young Learners and find it interesting when I try to have the conversation with adults. Adults are very apprehensive about technology to the point of being deceptive knowing that they themselves use technology just as much as our Young Learners, if not more.

“I had no drawbacks during our dinner time,” said Cynthia Turnquest-Jones

The digital age has changed the landscape of business, personal life, and social life. It also has had a great effect on etiquette. Technology did not interrupt our conversations last night as well as our moments of here is another tip. These Young Learners were loaded with meaningful conversations and opinions that I genuinely respect. All of this took place as they took time to check their social media pages and post while dining. In the same breathe they asked questions of clarification.

“Wait there are different types of pasta?”

“What about tipping?”

“So, it is easier to get a gun in the South, than in the North?”

“I thought Living Environment was easier to take in 8th grade.”

“What is a Shirley Temple?”

We spoke about using our cellular phones while dining because it doesn’t trouble me at all. I shared with this group that each adult may have their own standard but, I enjoy social media so it does not bother me. This set a tone of understanding and respect. They were not as individuals say, “glued” to their cellular devices. Some used it to research a conversation we were having, “Different kinds of beef.”

Cynthia ended with saying, “They can sit at the table with me at anytime.”

Our conversations included: the prom, DaBaby rapper, gun laws, paying taxes, kind of beef and how to order it, never leave your drink unattended while partying, regents exams, Living Environment, Tik-Tok, places we’ve traveled to and my activism.

Good manners and proper etiquette include age-old point-of-view like the Golden Rule and putting others before yourself. It means being honest, trustworthy, and having the ability to put other people at ease. It also means exhibiting kindness and courtesy when working with others.

I had no drawbacks during our dinner time. They can sit at the table with me at anytime.

With Love,


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