Happy Treat & Read Day

“Giving books as gifts to children wrapped with a groovie bow is the most exciting and extraordinary phenomenon.” -Author Annie Turnquest.

Corona Virus is playing a part of a intentionally creative change. Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc. strategized on how to remix Halloween.

“Books are portable. Able to fit in your bag. They can spark interesting intellectual conversations. AND!!!! You do not need a charge for a book. They are great gifts for children. Try wrapping them, place a card on top, and a groovie bow.” -Author Annie Turnquest

We took the “trick” out and substituted it with the word “read”. Back in 1820 or so, children used to do something called pumpkin trick. They would find a pumpkin, carve a face into it, light it up with the stub of a candle, and hang it on a string outside the window of a local farmer. Loads of laughing and screams would fill the town.

Friendship for Tots Childcare welcomes Author Annie Turnquest
Each tot received a book wrapped with a note plus cookies to enjoy while reading.

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