Know Your Rights Youth Empowerment Town Hall

A Residential Treatment Center for children and youth who are identified as being an issue in their community or beyond parental control. The stay at Children’s Village is not long-lasting. The intention is to transition back into society & with parents. Many of the youth were either AWOLs, those with high therapeutic needs, struggling with outstanding/problematic behavior and even problematic sexual behaviors. They are in need.

Cynthia Turnquest-Jones founder of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc.

“Know Your Rights” Youth Empowerment Town Hall was hosted by Priscilla Echi @thecitynevrsleeps. Founder of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc. was invited to sit with a mighty cornucopia of leaders. They gathered at The Children’s Village which was founded in 1851.


The team spoke to their needs while honing in on the need to “Know Your Rights”. We expressed that we all understand making wrong choices and charged with with now making different choices to acquire a positive journey in life.

It was extraordinary collaborating with Super Champions.

With Love,

Cynthia 🤎

Mysonne Linen @mysonnenygeneral
Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard
Senator Jamaal T. Bailey @jamaaltbailey36
Dennis McKesey @theofficialosg
Corey Pegues @cpegues9098
David Clarke @ibedadoc
Cynthia Turnquest-Jones @cynthiacyndicyn
Bro Arthur Muhammad @djislam_events
And special suprise guest CEO of African American College Alliance – AACA Clothing Chris Lat!!

#knowyourrights #thabump #thabrownurbanmotherpartners #blackpower #knowledgeispower

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