I Know My Rights Forum

“I Know My Rights” Town Hall. There are many conversations we must have with our Black Boys. The panel that @thecitynevrsleeps put together were mirrors for the boys in the room. Moments were powerful.

Detective David Clarke and Author & Activist Corey Pegues
I was able to share with @mysonnenygeneral that the characters in his book are the personification of “mirrors” and “sliding glass doors”. It is imperative that our children are able to see themselves while reading. Either they are the image or they can actually see themselves sliding that glass door and reaching the opportunity that lies ahead. #thabump #thabrownurbanmotherpartners #iknowmyrights #blackcharacters
Authur & Activist Corey Pegues and Senator Jamaal T. Bailey
“I Know My Rights” Town Hall in Mount Vernon, New York was absolutely powerful. Many educators were in the room, because building students who know their rights is our charge.

Author & Activist Corey Pegues. Philantropist Pricilla Echi. Rapper & Activist Mysonne. Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard. Superintendent of MVSD Dr. Kenneth Hamilton. Detective David Clarke @ibedadoc and Senator Jamaal T. Bailey #thabump #thabrownurbanmotherpartners #iknowmyrights

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