Respect Us

Local police in Rochester, NY are clearing up confusion about mask enforcement. They say they can’t legally hand out tickets or arrest people who aren’t wearing them — but they will encourage and educate the public.

Unfortunately, in NYC the role of officers are enforcing social distancing measures with arrest, violent confrontations and inconsistency in how they’re applied. Apparently NYPD assigned 1,000 officers to social distancing patrols over this past weekend because temperatures reached the high 70s. On Saturday, they issued 51 summonses, including 43 in city parks.

Cynthia Turnquest-Jones and Jamila T. Davis

Video footages of violet confrontations are popping up. Most of them are of “Black Boys” being arrested, kicked in the back, punched in the face, slapped in the face, grabbed, slammed to the ground, threatened with tasers, guns pulled out on them, yelled at, chased by mobs of NYPD officers for not wearing a mask & not social distancing.

Nurses Against Racist NYPD

81% of summons & altercations from “social distancing” have predominantly effected black and brown communities! This new form of “Stop & Frisk” needs to stop. We joined at Foley Square to demand respect! #powerofthepeople #stopandfrisk #nojusticenopeace #injustice #blackboyswanted #respectus

Respect Our First Amendment

We are denouncing injustice… with love Cynthia 🤎

Respect Me
Pandemic Brutality
Respect Us
Stop Beating Killing Disrespecting Us
Stop! Stop & Frisk

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