54th Commemoration of Malcom X

February 21, 2019 marked the 54th year. I sat in the room where Malcolm X was assassinated.

Malcolm X, 39-year-old was shot to death on February 21, 1965 at a rally of his followers in a ballroom in Washington Heights.

Shortly before midnight, a 22-year-old Negro, Thomas Hagan, was charged with the killing. The police rescued him from the ballroom crowd after he had been shot and beaten.

Malcolm, had said only a few words of greeting when a fusillade rang out. The bullets knocked him over backward.

Pandemonium broke out among the 400 Negroes in the Audubon Ballroom at 166th Street and Broadway. As men, women and children ducked under tables and flattened themselves on the floor, more shots were fired. Some witnesses said 30 shots had been fired.

Many activists, politicians, real models, poets, and lovers of Brother Malcolm X were present:

Daughter of Malcolm X. Ilyasah Al-Shabazz is a community organizer, activist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed Growing Up X.

Mcee Mysonne, a Bronx native has a ridiculous amount of drive, talent and an undying love of hip hop. Although he has faced his share of heartache and pain, hip hop has always been there to see him through his darkest moments; and with an impressive resume of mix tapes and videos this experienced MCee is out to prove that he’s making an indelible mark in rap’s history. A part of the Black Lives Matter Movement is another interesting journey that Mysonne is a part of. A champion of what is right. It was a pleasure to be in the same room with Mysonne.

Constance “Lil Miss” Malcolm & I always melt when we see one another. A Warrior of a Woman. Mother of Ramarley Graham and advocate for civil rights.

The New York Jets made history July 2017, during their camp practice, which marked the coaching debut of Collette V Smith — the franchise’s first black female coach. I was honoured to listen to Coach Collette who stated that she is at the door with a mallet.

Tamika Danielle Mallory was a panelist who expressed her understanding of Malcolm X discussing the media. X once said, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Tamika is an American activist who currently serves as co-president of the 2019 Women’s March. She is one of the leading organizers of the 2017 Women’s March, for which she and her three other co-chairs were recognized in the Time 100 that year.

With Love,


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