Gun Violence Survivor Week

We started “Moments That Survive” for Gun Violence Survivor’s Week at the Ethical Culture Society located in White Plains, NY. A well attended Moms Demand Action Westchester Chapter meeting, kicking off our Gun Violence Survivor’s Week. This was a powerful and important event, as we listened to several gun violence survivors, as well as community leaders who shared the strategies that they are using to combat gun violence in their communities.

Mother Nadine McKenzie of murdered Shamoya McKenzie, an eighth-grader at Graham Elementary School was present. Her coach Dwayne Murray director of Mount Vernon Jr. Knights, spoke on behalf of the Shamoya McKenzie foundation. She was just scratching the surface of her potential in Mount Vernon, where her future plans included starring for the high school basketball team and playing professionally before returning to the city to start her own business. On Dec. 31, 2016 around 2:30 p.m. near the corner of Third Street and Pease Street when Hardy shot at rival gang member Prince Scott. Hardy’s shots missed Scott, shattered the window of a passing car in which McKenzie was riding. She was struck in the head and died at Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital that day.

We also had a special guest speaker. As you probably know, this week the New York State Legislature passed the most sweeping gun reforms that New York has seen in more than five years. The bills prohibit bump stocks — the firearm accessory used in the Las Vegas shooting — ban teachers from carrying firearms at school, establish a municipal gun buyback program, and extend to 30 days the time a gun-buyer needs to wait to buy a weapon if they don’t pass a background check. We were honored that NYS Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins addressed our group at this meeting.

I also had the honour of speaking at “The Power of Children” 2nd Annual Hoodie March hosted by Jack & Jill of America, Incorporated Rockland County Chapter. Salutations Nathalie Riobe for the invitation.

With Love,


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