An Oath to End Gun Violence

Sorors from Westchester Alumnae Chapter joined Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Laws the Westchester/Rockland/Hudson Valley/Orange County Chapters on Sunday, December 16, 2018. We took an oath to end gun violence in Awareness of the plague in our country. We gathered in memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States. Twenty children were fatally shot between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. This incident was one of the deadliest mass shooting at either a high school or grade school in U.S. history and the fourth-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history.

End Gun Violence Oath

We carry with us the memory of all those who have been harmed by gun violence, all those who have suffered injury or death in violent crimes or tragic accidents. We hold in our hearts the families and friends who struggle to heal from unspeakable losses. We commit ourselves to be instruments for their healing. We commit ourselves to doing all we can to lessen all violence in our society, by promoting honest and open dialogue, by addressing issues of social justice with compassion and understanding, by working to shape and adopt sensible laws that address the continuing curse of our age. To stand against the senselessness of gun violence, in solidarity with the thousands of men, women, and children who have lost their lives, and with the families who grieve them.

More information about Moms Demand Action:

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