Be A Voice for Change

It’s Your Future…Be a Voice for Change

The Links, Incorporated Commonwealth Virginia Chapter 10th Biennial Green & White Champagne Luncheon. Present was Zerlina Maxwell an American political analyst, commentator, speaker, and writer. She writes and speaks about rape culture, sexual assault, gender inequity, sexual consent, racism, and similar topics. She is herself a survivor of sexual assault and describes herself as a survivor activist. The MSNBC Political Analyst who quoted Rosa Parks, “I would rather be lynched than live to be mistreated and not be allowed to say ‘I don’t like it.’ ” She spoke of the future and our voice the champion for change.

On November 9, 1946, Margaret Roselle Hawkins and Sarah Strickland Scott, two young Philadelphia visionaries, founded The Links, Incorporated. They invited seven of their friends to join them in organizing a new type of inter-city club. This organizing meeting of The Links was not a spontaneous action. In 1945, Margaret Roselle Hawkins had conceived the idea of a group of clubs composed of friends along the eastern seaboard and had spent many hours with Sarah Strickland Scott in thinking, planning and discussing the possibilities of such an endeavor.

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