Let Girls Learn Day in Mt. Vernon

Let Girls Learn Day is merely about believing that we as a community have to help our girls forge their way in the world,” shared Cynthia Turnquest-Jones.

Mount Vernon Public Library welcomed Girls with open arms. Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership captures Let Girls Learn Day thru testimony from guest, girls and photos.

Author DD Wright shares, “Let Girls Learn Day was an event that not only girls benefit from but women. To empower is to enable and inspire learning. Not only did my daughter learn but I did as well. I am certain the future was touched. The energy was the proof!”

Fabiola Gonçalves and her daughter Honoree journeyed across the Tapan Zee Bridge, made slime and addressed the mothers & daughters. Fabiola stated, “I am back in America from Morocco and was a part of the Michelle Obama #letgirlslearn initiative.

MVPL Trustee Malcolm Clarke “It’s beautiful to see events like let girl learn at our Mount Vernon Public Library. With leaders in our community like a Cynthia and other women I am confident that our girls have role models to look up to and learn from.”

Skylar said she loved Let Girls learn because she learned about her rights in regards to police and about bullying and adult bullying she thought it was really cool that you had an actual author there and she got to pick out a free book to add to her collection oh and the crafting was cool too! Performing and Visual Arts Magnet school in Mount Vernon, NY

Mimi, “liked the books and that she got to meet an author and learn about police bullying and her rights.” Performing and Visual Arts Magnet school in Mount Vernon, NY

“Let Girls Learn Day 2018 was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life! To see so many melanated girls, of various ages, family dynamics, financial situations, interests and dreams, come together to have fun, learn and push the agenda that girls want to learn and when given adequate attention, thrive in whatever environment they are in, was an absolutely beautiful thing to witness. My daughter Usha, just 17 months of age, enjoyed herself thoroughly. And for me to place her in that setting, at that age, seeing a black girl as a DJ, a black girl as the host and organizer, and just surrounded by girls who look like her, is something that I’m certain she’ll cherish for years to come. I’m eagerly looking forward to attending Let Girls Learn Day in 2019 and beyond!” Author Sugar Ray

“I have always envied my mom for raising 2 very strong women in my sister and I. I really tried to tap into everything my mother taught us before she passed away. Let girls learn embodies the empowerment my mother instilled in us that education would be the foundation for everything we would need to be successful in life. To watch teen girls really be engaged in what they were doing was and is inspiring.” Cathlin Gleason MVPL Trustee

#letgirlslearn #thabump #mvpl

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