Tha B.U.M.P endorses Shelly Mayer

Tha BUMP is rocking the VOTE! On Friday, April 20 a press conference was held  to announce the Members of Westchester Corrections Association, Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, Westchester Hispanic Officers Association, Yonkers Guardians Association, Westchester Rockland Guardians Association, the National Latino Officers Association, the Grand Council of Guardians Association, Tha Brown Urban Mothers Partnership & the Westchester Black Political Conference support of the Democratic nominee Shelley Mayer for NYS Senate, District 37.

Alvin and Friends Restaurant located on 14 Memorial Hwy in New Rochelle, New York were gracious with open arms. The atmosphere was welcoming as the owners who are a married couple stood proud in support of the press conference.

Shelley Mayer, Democrat for State Senate. She is an experienced and progressive leader who spent her career advocating for New Yorkers first as Assistant Attorney General under Robert Abrams. Shelly is also a member of Moms Demand Action for Better Gun Sense in America. Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership endorses Shelly Mayer. There will be a special elections next Tuesday, April 24th VOTERS will go to the polls to decide 11 legislative seats — but only one race, in the 37th District, in Westchester County, could affect the makeup of the State Senate.

With Love,


#rockthevote #thabump #shellymayer4statesenate

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