Brown Mothers’  Support Ramarley Graham

“Tonight we are camping out. I will not cry. I am here for my son and Justice.” -Constance Malcolm
Business suits with brief cases. Officers in blue. Walking in unison. One Saint Andrew Plaza home of the Department of Justice. It is now five fifteen and the after work buzz is in the air. Balloons. Cameras. Lights. Coffin. Chants. “We stand hand and hand with Ramarley Graham. We stand hand and hand with Ramarley Graham.”  

Today, February 2, 2016 marks year four. The Department of Justice has left the family of Ramarley Graham hanging. NO DECISION made in four years to prosecute NYPD. The crowd was reminded that Ramarley Graham was: 1. Unarmed 2. Did not run from the cops (video proof) 3. NYPD did not have a warrant or probable cause to enter his home.

The courageous Constance Malcolm started her journey this morning with Justice on her mind. Mother of Ramarley Graham greeted old and new faces. She stated, “We are fighting and demanding for the firing of the officers. Who were a part of murdering my son Ramarley.” There were three officers who entered her humble abode on February 2, 2012. Many are unaware that the Mother of Constance was assaulted by a female officer when she tried to call her daughter about the murder of Ramarley. She was also held and questioned for seven hours and denied her blood pressure medication.

Ramarley’s’ brother Chinard was is in the first grade at the time of the incident. At that time Chinard was having a difficult time with digesting what happened to his brother. Chinard and Grandma witness Ramarley being shot. This affected his educational journey. He started running out of the classroom, struggling with his academics, and interrupted socialization skills with classmates. Today, Constance stated that Chinard is doing far better in the fifth grade. “The teachers are working with him, taking their time with him, and guiding him on how to handle his feelings.” She continued by adding, “His teachers are excellent and I am grateful for them all.” Chinard hardly mentions what happened that afternoon on the second of February, but he is aware of how Black Males are treated by Police Officers who are criminal minded themselves. 
When asked how are you doing Constance stipulated that, “I was diagnosed with having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I attend therapy which I know I need.” PTSD is an anxiety disorder that some people get after seeing or living through a dangerous event. When in danger it is completely normal to feel afraid. This fear triggers many normal split second changes in the body to prepare against the danger or to avoid it. Constance is surrounded by many supporters who she calls, rally with, and is able to stand tall with. 

A pause before he speaks. Frank Graham the father of Ramarley arrived to the DOJ steps with Justice on his mind as well. His journey today took him to the home of the murder, the cemetery, the 47th precint, and the Department of Justice TWICE. The journey of a father seeking justice that he should not have to beg for. He is joined by several men who have been standing with him from day one: Jose LaSalle, Frank Francois, and Taylonn Murphy. “These are my guys. Here for me all the time. I love them.”

As the chants continue to fill the air, “We stand hand and hand with Ramarley Graham. We stand hand and hand with Ramarley Graham.”  

SUPPORTERS: 1199, Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership, Cop Watch, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, Justice Committee, Malcolm X Grassroots, Brotherhood Sister Soul, Stop Mass Incarceration, Make the Road New York, Brooklyn Movement Center, NYC Shut it Down, and Peoples Power Assembly #iamramarley #thabump nojusticenopeace With Love ❤️ Cynthia


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