Brown Mothers Support The L.P.S. Group Life Progressive Services Group Inc.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Day of Service with The L.P.S. Group Life Progressive Services Group Inc. Founder Ken Bright follows the mantra “We Care Because You Care”. On January 16, 2016 Ken Bright and Community Samaritans are distributing 100 bags of foods, warm coats, and love. Located in the cave of the building on 47 South Fifth Avenue., Mount Vernon, New York Ken Bright created a vision. This vision is a re-entry, transition, and advocacy group for returning citizens. Citizens who were incarcerated and return back into the community are in need of re-adjustment and re-introduction to the community. Ken shared, “without these services it allows stress and tension to build in the individual which is what I am trying to help them with avoiding.” As you walk in you will find clothing ranging from coats, shoes, suits, button down shirts, and dresses. Ken is also focusing on building them to “Think Green”. His partnerships provide foods to feed the healthy heart such as bell peppers, onions, pomegranates, apples, blue berries, and squash. 

In 2009, I became a 501c3 and I started the food pantry about a year ago. Giving others a feeling of self-esteem. Ken believes by changing your mind-set you will change your life. By infusing men and women released from prison with preventive mechanisms: family, religious community involvement, community partnerships, clothing, food, housing, employment training and jobs. “We started the displacement of food package for returning citizens who come thru this program. Part of our program is geared towards redemption; the act of making something better. 

In addition, Ken started the mission for those unfortunate experience with a fire in their humble abode. “We provide blankets with a stuffed toy for children who are traumatized.” 

Contact Ken Bright via telephone 347-231-7942, email, and FACEBOOK kenbright 1:00pm to 2:00pm 💚 #love 


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