Tha B.U.M.P Supports Justice for the Wrongfully Convicted 

Justice for the Wrongfully Incarcerated Town Forum with one of the Central Park 5 Mr. Yusef Salaam! 

At present, wrongfully incarcerated acquire serious psychological effects including “enduring personality change after catastrophic experience” and PTSD. These are distinct diagnoses, although both are conditions that can follow exceptionally traumatic experience. There is evidence of additional disorders, including depressive disorders, panic disorder, and paranoid symptoms. 

On the panel we had Sharonne Salaam (March4Justice 2016), Jose LaSalle (Cop Watch) Damon K. Jones (Black Law Enforcement of America), David Bliven, Esg., Jeffrey Deskovich (Founder of Jeffrey Deskovich), Malik Simpson & Antonio Hendrickson (Lead By Example), and William Bastuk (This Could Happen to You). 

We sat together as voters, citizens, and constituents, to stand with Wrongfully Convicted and their family, to demand action by creating, supporting, and approving legislation to provide adequate services and for them to be financially compensated. It is understood that there is an outcry for the families who have endured trauma for all these years. They too must be compensated financially. We must financially compensate all innocent men, innocent women, and innocent families who suffered because of the miscarriage of justice. 

I believe that everyone deserves to live in America according to The Declaration of Independence which specifically mentions these rights–which human beings possess by birth or by nature-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No one should be denied these things. Nor, since they are “unalienable,” may they rightfully surrender them. With support and action, we agreed that future convictions occur on the basis of justice, not politics!
I also know that the morality of this is constipated. 

Brown Hugs To… The Panel! Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., Stop Mass Incarceration, Brenda Crump, Mrs Andre Wallace representing her hubby “Andre Wallace”, Sts. John, Paul, and Clements Church, Omar McDowell (Mt. Vernon School Board Trustee), Ken Bright, Sorors from Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Westchester Chapter Social Action Committee, Geoff Monroe for the screen, AJ Woodson (Black Westchester Dot Com), Patty Combs and ALL who came and sat and listened and became a part of something historic! Cynthia a Brown Mother 🌸 #thabump #centralpark5 #nojusticenopeace 




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