Brown Mother’s Support Taylonn Murphy

Tayshana “Chicken” Murphy Foundation website

His daughter, Tayshana “Chicken” Murphy was a high school basketball star that was ranked number 16th point guard in the nation. Dad described her as having a special love for basketball at the age of three. “We never spoke about basketball. Most of our conversations were about her and my interested in being a humanitarian.” Killed in her building on September 11, 2011 by two misguided youth. Taylonn Murphy said, “My daughter got caught in the conflict.” He explains that Old Broadway is a little old block which happens to be a problematic area in Harlem. Between 125th and 126th streets two gangs from Manhattanville Houses and Grant Houses have been a conundrum of a long ongoing beef for 40 years.

Mr. Derrick Haynes the sibling of Eli Haynes was the first fatality in the feud in 1972. He is now a partner in the crusade with Mr. Murphy and started an anti-violence campaign. 

CEO of Tha B.U.M.P. Cynthia Turnquest-Jones attended the 4th annual “All “Bout Chicken Weekend”. Always hosted every first weekend in May because “Chicken’s” birthday is the 4th of May. Taylonn’s dad moved to Queensbridge in 1949. This is where the Murphy family jumped rope at, played basketball, and enjoyed this wonderful view of the Queensboro bridge. 

The Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation Inc. provides an enjoyable event filled with organic conversations, music, and mouthwatering foods for the community, friends, and family. Junior High School friend Michael Riddle gave Taylonn a big hug and said, “Anything for you.” Friends of Chicken showed off their tattoos of her memory. Love was in the air. 

His connection with Columbia University was never planned. Taylonn stated that the students gravitate to him and continue to be a major part of the beginning of a needed center in Harlem. 

Mr. Murphy will be opening up the Crisis Management Center in Harlem. Then the real work begin. Demolition, planning, painting, and organizing. He and two other partners are striving to not let anyone feel the misery he felt on that September day. The community youth are traumatized with PTSD “post traumatic stress disorder”. This is a lost on all levels. Both sides are grieving.” Love Cynthia 💕 #thabump #chickenfoundation 

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