Brown Mother’s Support Sunday School Students in St. Ann, Jamaica

Four Hundred Brown Sunday School Children are able to not only study the bible but record their lessons and favorite scriptures in them because of affectionate Brown Mothers in New York.

Thank you for your recent needed gifts of notebooks. Tha B.U.M.P founder Cynthia Turnquest-Jones sat with a mom from Jamaica who was traveling to her hometown. Mrs. Ellarine Simms Brown shared that she always pack a barrel and give to the church she grew up in. Cynthia contacted a few regular givers to Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership and within a week the notebooks were ready for the children in the St. Ann section of Jamaica.

The barrel was also filled with a host of items that will benefit the Sunday School Students in Jamaica. All items were shipped to The Trysree New Testament Church of God in St. Ann Jamaica!

“As a Brown Mother I believe in giving life on an ordinary day.”


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