Brown Mother’s Support Mothers of Sons Victimized By NYPD

Dear Readers,

I was asked to join a press conference to address NYPD Criminality at the Harlem State Office Building. The four women featured are inspirational. I have had the pleasure to sit with, hug with, cry with, and yell with them for two years. I consider them Super Women: Constance “Lil Miss” Malcolm (1) Danette Charvis (2), Iris Baez (3), and Juanita Young (4). Please take a minute and research their names to read their journey as “Mothers who are Battling with NYPD.”

These Mothers are standing tall while their hearts sting. All have one common denominator, NYPD. Their sons were murdered by NYPD. They met on the battle grounds of the streets. Regardless of ten or a hundred these Mothers never stop coming. These Mothers march together. They are Sisters! Paving a way for us who are on the battle grounds of a PTA meeting. I hope?

I hope that there is something positive you are standing for. There must be a balance as to where we stand. There are those who stand in schools, on the football field, college dorms, high school prom, the corner store, performing arts, and Sunday School. The thing is you have to stand for something in regards to OUR children! And you must find the 3 or 4 who will stand with you. Eagles do not Rock in a flock.

Do you attend the PTA meetings? Do you send treats for the students in your child’s class? Do you take time out to visit the school? Do you send gifts for the teacher? Are you a part of the college life your child have? Are you a part of their dream to bake cupcakes and open a business? Do you show up in the rain with your weave for the football games? Are you listening to her play the flute? Are you infusing your child with the example of how to stand?

Iris Baez said to me yesterday that they are trying to tear the Mothers apart. I was appalled because I’ve seen the Power of Mothers. I am a product of powerful Mothers. And not just those who gave birth.

I am looking for you to join with others 2 or 3 and start standing for OUR children. Build Our Mothers Together! Stand for something today!

Cynthia A Brown Mother


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