Brown Mother’s Support Father’s of Mount Saint Michael Academy

Father’s gathered at Mount Saint Michael Academy yesterday for a Honorary Salute. The presentation and meeting of Fathers was lead by Brother Steve. Damon K. Jones from Blacks In Law Enforcement of America presented Mr. Lynwood Wallace with a lapel pin and plaque while informing him that B.L.E.U are in the struggle with him. The Father’s of Mount Sons, Carton Berkley, Mount graduate Councilman Marcus Griffith and retired officers sat with Mr. Wallace to honour him and make him aware that they are there for him. Mr. Lynwood Wallace is currently trying to get the MTA Police and 47th Precint to investigate properly the case in regards to his son Matthew Wallace who was killed by the Metro-North train in September 2013. Matthew Wallace was a young scholar, football, and lacrosse player.

A Brown Mother,


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