Brown Mother’s Support Artist Kara E. Walker

We walked into the Domino Refinery Factory excited to view the exhibit created by renowned artist Kara E. Walker. We were gobsmacked when we spotted the first male of molasses coloring titled “Sugar Babies”. They were standing there coated with the thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process. Each one I wanted to lick and take a bite as the song Brown Sugar played in my head. “You know I read that sugar in its normal state is not white!”

But, then a silent face of the sphinx that I saw online grabbed my attention. A kneeling nude polystyrene white woman with African features, posed to resemble a 35 foot sphinx encrusted with sugar the title of this exhibit is “Subtlety”. Splitting up to embrace our own zone I took a turn to the back. A small detail that is usually important but not obvious. The back was cunning. Hot Dam! Ain’t nothing better than sweet sugar!

As we rode off listening to Nina Simone “I Want A Little Sugar in My Bowl”

A Brown Mother




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