Brown Mother’s Believe in A Midnight Run

A man wrapped in blankets. “What’s up my Brother! Would you like some soup and coffee.” He replied, “Sure Sis, I’ve been out here since 1988.” Snow began to fall and temperature dropped to 30 as folks turned the heat on in their humble abode we put our hoods on and continued to serve. “Care for a sandwich my Sister?” I gave her a big smile as she sat up. Her bed is on top of the subway grid. Nice and warm I must say. She sat up and nodded. No words. I passed her the sandwich and winked. No words.

I went inside curious as to what Mr. Moore and the students were doing. Loud laughter. Smiles. Pats on backs. Mr. Moore with students as they held pleasantries with folks who’s address is Port Authority. Genuine interaction.

Thanks to Young Heroes of Graham Elementary School and Iona College “Tha B.U.M.P” partnered to serve warm soup, coffee, clothing, and conversations were on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Young Heroes is a leadership development and community service program for 6th – 8th graders that is run by Mr. Kevin Moore a dedicated unsung hero. The Young Heroes learn about the social issues in their community and then work together to solve those problems through hands-on community service. On this particular night there were young heroes present who already went on to high school but continue to hold the torch Mr. Moore passed to them years ago.

The Midnight Run is a night where vans loaded with anxious students and adults head out to share food, clothing, toiletries and conversations with the homeless of New York City. Runs leave from Montgomery House on Thursday or Friday at 8:00 pm once a month. Contact: Greg Badura at gbadura1@iona.ed or Ashley Hubaykah at or stop by the Office of Mission and Ministry to discuss other volunteer opportunities or call (914) 637-2772.

From my heart I want to thank you the Young Heroes of Graham Elementary School, Mr. Kevin Moore, and Iona College Office of Mission and Ministry for hosting a fulfilling night. The time we spent together fulfill a heart, built hope, and passed on grace. I look forward to collaborating with you again. Tha B.U.M.P. next volunteer adventure will be in May 2014 stay tuned.

“As a Brown Mother I believe in giving life out of the womb with just a heart bump away!”

A Brown Mother Cynthia Turnquest-Jones



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