The Perfect Storm

Saturday the 9th of March, I started my day out by sitting in Riverside Church which is an excellent model of a Gothic style building where you could hear Ava Maria through the stones…

Teachers College Columbia University hosted their 84th Saturday Reunion. A sea of educators who LOVE their career were present. TD Jakes said, “when you love something there are no loopholes”. I met Brown Teachers from New Jersey, New York, and as far as Maryland. We were offered more than 125 FREE workshops the entire day!

The keynote speakers included Lucy Calkins and author of “The Bridge to Terabithia” Katherine Paterson. Lucy spoke about being prepared for “The Perfect Storm”. The new teachers evaluation system and new testing demands of our students was the focus. The storm will hit New York first and then travel to all of the other states. During Hurricane Sandy few New Yorkers were prepared and many were caught off guard. But there was a warning!

She warned us as educators to know everything about the Common Core Standards. Lucy stated, “You MUST begin to build your knowledge base, read educational blogs such as Diane Ravitch, and infuse everyone in our schools by study and knowing as well as understanding the Common Core Standards.”

John Dewey once said, “I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform”.

I leave you with the following Professional Links “Prepare for the Storm”
Diane Ravitch Blog
Common Core Standards Website
Common Core News Blog
News, Data, & Conversation about NYC Schools









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