Tha B.U.M.P. Supports Author Annie Turnquest

This adventurous book reading took place in South Nyack, New York. CEO Cynthia Turnquest-Jones partnered with Nathalie Riobe founder of Four Our Kids, Inc. Nathalie wanted young readers to enjoy a reading during the evening in her neighborhood. We picked “From Inside” The Boys Brigade Learn During Coronavirus. The characters are inside because of Covid19. This short story is loaded with activities to help young learners who are virtually learning.

As an author Annie Turnquest frequently discuss with her illustrator Kobe Jones about the importance of creating characters for the readers to see themselves or actually become them. These are called mirror and sliding glass door characters. Annie, writes about what grabs her emotionally and what fascinates her. Her intentional creation of “From Inside” has been a hit with boys who are smitten when reading “From Inside”.

A good story or a picture book and nonfiction book, if done well and with integrity, can capture a conscious chord in young readers and wishfully capture their curiosity as well as help them become better readers and increase their vocabulary.

Her first book comes from her own childhood, she went camping every year. But the second short story derived from our current climate and the world Annie see’s around her and the daily observations and experiences have regarding COVID-19. She believes by focusing on the coronavirus pandemic which is fearful for our younger children, “Stay Inside”, opens the door of discussion which is essential for young minds.

“Young readers deserve to see themselves as they read and become EXTRAordnary. Children being able to open the sliding glass door while exploring the text is my goal as an Author.”

Author Annie Turnquest book reading “From Inside” in South Nyack, New York.
Author Annie Turnquest Goes To… South Nyack, NY

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