Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Malcolm X said, “When ‘I’ replaced with ‘We’, even the illness becomes wellness.”

We gathered in Harlem from as far as Philadelphia, New Jersey, Westchester, and Africa. Stephanie McGraw Founder and CEO of W.A.R.M. We All Really Matter was present. She is known for raising awareness in the community about issues of domestic violence. Erika L. Ewing rocked the mic. She founded “Got To Stop LLC” which unites a powerful consortium of experts, change agents, and visionary leaders from diverse fields courageous enough to begin a critical dialogue to find ways to eradicate injustice. While the powerful Reverend Que English from Gun Hill Road reminded us that it has got to stop with the phrase well known “Not On My Watch”.

The power of gathering in the name of love and support in the midst of a family crisis is inspiring. We become hopeful. We begin to strategize. We start the process of seeking justice. Action is the goal. There is a current silence when it comes to our Black and Brown Girls that are lured by false promises. What happened to the media? Why were the residents unaware of this incident? How did this happen down the block from the precinct and fire department?

What is the perception of our Black & Brown Girls…

January 2021 is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month also known as Sex Trafficking. It is a key time for us all as individuals to educate ourselves about human trafficking and the crucial underground life to learn to spot the signs of trafficking.

I stand with some of the most powerful Black Women. I am talking about some of the underground warriors who make it happen. I sit with them at the table. They teach me because they love me. Last night, we came together to support one of our beloved Sisters who has been fighting against Sex Trafficking for many years. She taught us the ins and outs. She passed a flame to us. We’ve been carrying this torch for years. I do not consider her a teacher. She is an awakener.

But yesterday we were here shoulder…

Human trafficking is happening all around us!

Victims are often hidden away, but it is possible you will encounter individuals or situations of concern. Knowing how to ‘spot the signs’ could save lives.

You may notice a child that is:

(1) Often going missing/truanting

(2) Secretive

(3) Has unexplained money/presents

(4) Experimenting with drugs/alcohol

(5) Associating with/being groomed by older people (not in normal networks)

(6) In relationships with significantly older people

(7) Taking part in social activities with no plausible explanation

(8) Seen entering or leaving vehicles with unknown adults

(9) Showing evidence of physical/sexual assault (including STD’s)

(10) Showing signs of low self image/self harm/eating disorder

Call 1-888-373-7888 for the National Human Trafficking Hotline

#PrayerForAkemi #EndSextrafficking #EndHumanTrafficking #ThaBump #ThaBrownUrbanMotherPartners

One thought on “Human Trafficking Awareness Month

  1. What a moving day! Thank you for capturing my words powerfully. I only came across this article today. I am humbled and I thank you for mentioning me. Erika Lucille Ewing, CEO/Founder, Got To Stop LLC.

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