Tha BUMP Supports MVPD

Today was the Designations of Deputy Commisioners at City Hall. We are celebrating competence. Entertainment was by led by a Latin NYPD Band “La Jara Band” as we watched the 1st Deputy Police Commisioner Ernest Morales III and Deputy Police Commisioner of Special Initiatives Jennifer Lackard be sworn in.

Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners, Inc. are excited about Ernest Morales appointment. He is the first Latino Deputy Police Commissioner in the history City of Mount Vernon.

Congratulations! I am proud of you Sis! PROUD! Deputy Police Commisioner of Special Initiatives Jennifer Lackard.

As Publisher of the Re-Entry Chronicle, New York’s only publication dedicated to providing relevant news, resources and opportunities for justice-involved individuals and their families, Jennifer Lackard is committed to keeping re-entry a priority in order to keep communities safe, healthy and inclusive. Available both, in and out of correctional facilities, “ReEntryChron” is published as a FREE, quarterly tabloid newspaper and boasts a circulation footprint of libraries, courthouses, colleges and urban town centers throughout Westchester County, New York City and Long Island.

Cynthia Turnquest-Jones, Tha BUMP [left] Priscilla Echi, Social Butterfly [right] congratulates Jennifer Lackard [middle] who was sworn in as Deputy Police Commisioner of Special Initiatives in Mount Vernon, New York today July 21, 2020.

Also present was Corey Pegues. Many years ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a book signing for Corey Pegues “Once A Cop”. I find it EXTRAordinary when I am in the presence of an author. Not only do I read books, but I read my friends books. I read “Once A Cop” by Corey Pegues in one week. Dyre Avenue to 14th Street were the best rides. An hour up and an hour back.

Thank You Corey for all you do. The next stop will be epic on the Corey Pegues train.

The men and women of the Mount Vernon Police Department proudly serves as the guardians of life, property and constitutional rights in partnership with the community.

With Love,


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