Stolen Lives in Westchester County Rally

His fathers last words “Why do you have your guns out?”-Kenneth Chamberlin, Sr. November 19, 2011

We stood for lives stolen by police officers in Westchester County. Dear Black Man, Soror ❤️ You… #dst1913 #deltasforjustice #nojusticenopeace #dstwas #westchesterdeltas

We can’t take it no more. We won’t take it no more. Emmett Till. ScottsBourough Nine. Central Park Five. Sean Bell. Malcolm X. Ramarley Graham. Amado DeAllou. Mohammed Baha. Jonathan Maldonado. Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. Samuel Cruz. DJ Henry. You are not only murdering our men. You are burying our mothers alive.

Westchester Families NEEDED Us yesterday. Families in Westchester County have been prayed on by the injustices of systematic racism. Black cases unsolved. Black murders unsolved. Black family members murdered. Black families suffering from police criminality. We stood take to #saytherenames. We agreed that there is a current #nojusticenopeace status in our communities. Together we want #accountablepolicing.

With Love


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