Celebrating Y-Cop

Celebrating a Legacy of Service to our children. Y-COP Annual Dinner Dance. We were welcome to Y-COP fourth annual dinner dance benefit.

Commemorating yet another year of Y-COP mission to make a positive impact by expanding programs and out reach to better meet the community needs. Y-COP was established in 2012 with a Summer Day Camp for 35 youth. Six years later there are several hundred of youth in after school, out of school, summer day camp, counseling training, youth development basketball, and girls empowerment group.

Henry Wilson is the executive director of Y-COP. It was a pleasure to listen to him as his words ripple through a sea of beautiful individuals in suits, ties, gowns, pearls, and proud smiles.

Henry, believes that no personal circumstance should determine the world. He reminded everyone that their support will help offset for any type of program to make registration fees affordable. We agreed that deserving family in the city of Mount Vernon will benefit from those who donate our time, treasure, and talents to Y-COP. #ycop #thabump #thabrownurbanmotherpartnership

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