Tha B.U.M.P #WearOrange

Incredible way to wrap #WearOrange week, with a community event in Mount Vernon, NY. featuring art and basketball for the kids. JOIN (text 64433)

Thank you, Katie Reidy, the Westchester Knicks and all those who helped organize or participate.

On December 15, 2012 Moms Demand Action for Better Gun Sense in America was established. Stay-at-home mom Shannon Watts organized by starting a Facebook page. The organization number of members grew at a fiery speed. Women and men as well knew that together we can make a change at the local, state and national levels for gun violence prevention as the focus.

Over the past six years Moms Demand Action gained unstoppable momentum to become the strongest opposition that the gun lobby has ever seen. We believe in the rights to bare arms. We have an issue with gun laws that are in place. We also have an issue with the statistics that are ignored when it comes to gun violence.

#stopgunviolence #stif #snug #thabump

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