Tha B.U.M.P presents the 3rd Let Girls Learn Day at Mount Vernon Public Library

Let Girls Learn Day at Mount Vernon Public Library was a complete HIT! I had to come home & sleep off the adrenaline. I am texting this from underneath the bed. I am overwhelmed by the levels of LOVE. We had girls from the Bronx, Yonkers, Nyack and of course Mount Vernon. I am on cloud nine because of the “adults” who stopped in to say hello and volunteered and donated and simply hung out with our girls. WOW! #LetGirlsLearn (posting & tagging photos a little later)

DJ Nikki hosted her first party at Let Girls Learn Day with the amazing support from her Mom who is a lawyer & professor as well as her dad Dwayne Brown entrepreneur & owner of DK Entertainment. DJ Jazzy Joyce assisted the young DJ & presented her with an original “DJ Jazzy Joyce Creation”.

Naz Duncan the Queen of SLIME! Slime works like a stress toy. It is a simple and effective gadget that can help you to relax while playing with it. The core function of slime toys is to take your mind off your stressors and calm your nerves. I personally let students hold their slime while in class. I factor in a “commercial break” (term from Lee Barry) like television & then put it back)

The GIRLS love making slime & the satisfaction of its end results. INGREDIENTS: clear glue, contact solution, nail polish, and baking soda.

Shawyn Patterson Howard hung out with our girls & presented a participant with a “nook” from Barnes & Nobles. The discussion about injustices was very deep and this young girl Kyra from the Bronx stated that “Emmett Till” was an example of what happens when people lie and are not held accountable for their actions.

I have TWO girls Isis & Lenese from the Bronx who makes it their point to join in activities given in Mount Vernon. This time they brought grandma with them. Daughter. Mom. Grandma. This is Let Girls Day greatnesses!

Vanessa! Was the first Girl to receive a “book” tablet at the first Let Girls Learn Day at Mount Vernon Public Library! This is her THIRD year and is getting taller & loaded with a brain of power. She attends Amani Charter Public School in Mt Vernon and is in the basketball team plus she wants to be a scientist. There was a battle with getting her out of the science experiences because she had a basketball game.

The New Flex Youth Princess Pageant Contestants of 2019 walked into Let Girls Learn Day #LetGirlsLearn ready to learn and show off their confidence. Executive director Nesta Felix knows that infusing our girls is a challenge, but she is filled with love and excitement to accomplish the goal. The next Pageant is scheduled for June 15, 2019 at the Dole Center.

Contact Nesta Felix at NewFlex Youth Programs Inc., for DONATIONS year round community building and mentoring with youth: 716-393-5399 or 914-363-5460 #thabump #newflex #princess #pageant education #letgirlslearn #steamactivities #stem #steam #thabrownurbanmotherpartnership #girlpower #thabump

#LetGirlsLearn Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment 🧪 lead byEducator from Yonker Public School System Candy Mojica Girls in Science will empower girls to explore their passion for science while building STEM learning skills through a conversation with a leading female.

Adults who are Advocates of Let Girls Learn Day at Mount Vernon Public Library. These are the movers and shakers in the background. Pushing me. Balancing. Telling me to relax.

Cathy Webb is a QUEEN of organizing anything that has to do READING! Cathy, thank you on behalf of Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership & girls who are hungry to learn 💕

Our spectacular Author of the Day was Joa Macnalie is a Haitian-American author, influencer, motivational speaker, and two-time business owner. She is the CEO/Founder of Macnalie Books; a company committed to writing “Dope Books for the Culture” while influencing the way Black History is taught in educational systems globally. She is also the CEO/Founder of a styling and fashion-consulting company called WhoDressedU?

Joa has now been nominated for ‘Children’s Book of the Year’ as she’s secured her spot as a 2019 finalist of the Indie Author Legacy Awards, taking place on June 29, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. Joa is also the recipient of the Inpsired by You Award that recognizes ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things” for their community, powered by AND1 basketball legends Shane Woney and Wailly Main Event Dixon, in conjunction with celebrity publicist Dr. Cookie Humphrey of Compulsive Magazine.

Her second book B is for Brotherhood was released in February of 2019 to complete what she calls “The Athletes and Activism Series” on Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid. She is halfway through her third book in less than one year, and hopes to meet Colin Kaepernick in person one day; as well as, work with his Know Your Rights Camp organization to raise awareness on higher education, self-empowerment, and instructions on how to properly interact with law enforcement in various situations.

Contact Author Joa Macnalie


cell: 646.508.0005

#thabump #education #letgirlslearn #steamactivities #stem #steam #thabrownurbanmotherpartnership #girlpower

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