Tha B.U.M.P. Joins Women For Mount Vernon

Centennial Celebration of the Women’s Right to Vote! The year of the woman 2019! There are millions of cheep seats in the world today with individuals sitting and jabbing from the nose bleeding rows. Women For Mount Vernon are in the arena!

FACTS: Women VOTE in higher numbers than men and have done so in every election since 1964. In 2016, 9.9 million more women than men voted. Women have voted at higher rates than men since 1980. In 2016, 63.3% of eligible female adults went to the polls, compared to 59.3% of eligible male adults.

Even in the midterm elections, when voter turnout is lower among men and women, women vote in higher numbers and at higher rates than men. More women than men register to vote. Some 83.8 million women were registered to vote in 2015, compared to 73.8 million men.

#IdaBWells. #DST1913 #WomensSufferage #voting #thabump #momsdemandaction

#WomenForMountVernon #shirleychisholm

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