State of the Family

We discussed real and uncomfortable issues penetrating our communities and threatening our children. A Monday evening partnership with Iona College Black Students Association, Dr. Nadine Barnett Cosby of Department Mass Communication, Event Sponsors and Community Partners including “Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership” presented –The State of the Family!

Mashonda Tifrere wrote, “Once I found peace and stability within, I was able to create a bridge between myself and my ex-husband, and later with his wife. The three of us set the stage for real communication. When we were able to respect and honor one another, we were able to blend as a family.”

My current read is, “Blend” by Mashonda Tifrere (ex-wife of Swiss Beats) Mashonda said, “I had to set my ego straight.” She wanted her son to have a father in his life and knew that she would have to sacrifice her own personal feelings in order for their blended family to work. Mashonda talks about how she was able to overcome being okay with her former husband giving up on their marriage and starting a new one in her book, Blend: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family.

Hill Harper has an impressive resume as an accomplished actor, author, businemman and Harvard attorney and added father to that resume when he adopted his son. Mashonda Tifrere, avid art collector, songwriter, philanthropist change agent, and author of BLEND. They sat-down with Dr. TEA to share and have critical conversations on the joys and challenges of co-parenting and on how to survive and thrive when a crisis comes to our families.

With Love I recommend Blend by Mashonda Tifrere

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