The Museum of Broken Windows a Place of Emotions

The museum of broken windows is a pop-up experience in New York City, which features the work of artists the round the country. The museum showcases the ineffectiveness of broken windows policing, which criminalizes our most vulnerable communities. This strategy a broken windows policing is outdated and has never been proven to be effective at reducing crime. For decades, communities of color have been this proportionately impacted by broken windows policing.

“I Wanted” is a community-based art project that addresses the communication of use in America. The piece can be viewed in both an art exhibition and on the streets of Harlem New York. It resembles a series of “Police Wanted Posters” which featured a police sketch of a young adult, a description of them, and a statement of what they are wanting more.

In 2015, governor formal issued executive order is number 147, would you pointed the New York State Attorney General has a special prosecutor in matters relating to the deaths of on on civilians caused by law-enforcement officers. This also allows the special prosecutor to review cases where there was a question what did the civilian was armed and dangerous at the time of his or her death.

Gwen Carter mother of Eric Garner, Constance Malcolm mother of Ramarley Graham, Iris Baez mother of Anthony Biaz, Hawa Bah mother Mohammed Bah, said for decades our families and those of others New York killed by police have face repeated injustices not only losing family members to police violence by taking by those test with serving and protecting but also being filled by local district attorneys not holding officers accountable to the law for those debts.

Toe Tags… And counting a chronic reactive documentation of each police related death in 2016. The daily average dropped from 3.2 deaths per day to 2.7 deaths per day after the media took hold of Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality. Of these 1093 deaths… 13 people were killed by NYPD.

Four NYPD plainclothes officers 541 shots at Amadou Dillano, who died with his wallet in his hand. Officers claimed they thought he was reaching for a weapon. They were tried for second-degree murder but acquitted after the trial was moved to Albany.

In 1999, the NYPD found a secret police division dub the “Rap Intelligence Unit” which investigate crimes with in the hip-hop community. The unit was created right after the Tupac and Biggie murders and is believed to still exist today. Many rappers the music industry executives have been arrested by the NYPD for various crimes, including Jay Z, Lil Kim, 50 Cent, Jah Rule, Lil Wayne and many more.

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