Help Me! Don’t Film Me a Justice for Junior Chat

“Help Me! Don’t Film Me” was at the heart of the conversation yesterday in Mt. Vernon, NY. Twenty days ago, Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz was hacked with a machete & stabbed with a knife after he was dragged out of a bodega in a case of mistaken identity. Tha Brown Urban Mother Partnership joined owner of The Haircut barbershop Pro Todd Bernard to welcome activists, politicians, and concerned students focusing on #JusticeForJunior & male leadership in the community.

Junior was enrolled in the NYPD Explorer Program and had aspired to become a Police Detective since the age of 5. He enjoyed playing video games online with his friends and had recently asked for his mom’s advice on dating. His final moments were something that no one, especially a child, should’ve had to endure. Even though twelve brutal cowards responsible for this horrific tragedy have been apprehended, it does not bring him back. Nothing will. If he was not taken in such a senseless manner, I have no doubt in my mind that Junior would have made an outstanding community activist and Police Officer. He had excellence coursing through veins at an early age. I truly think that this tragic of an event will turn our communities around as we continue to believe there is #justiceforjunior 💔

With Love I Thank: Dwayne Brown, Hector Santiago, Mayor Richard Thomas, Manuel Montanez, Shondu Young, Frank Sha Francois, Caitlin Gleason, Family, and friends

We agreed to infuse our communities with LOVE ❤️ #thabump

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