Tha B.U.M.P Supports Life Progressive Services

Welcome to Life Progressive Services a basement where people who were formally incarcerated are embraced with love, understanding, and opportunities to be themselves. We had excellent conversations, made partnerships with the mindset of bringing success in a small cave located in Mt. Vernon, New York.

Being a solution to helpings offenders stay out of prison is the passion for Ken Bright. The failure of the correctional system is significantly a link to the lack of programs in the communities. The dilemma is that while crime rates are down Incarceration rates continue to increase. Recycling offenders is against the mission of Ken and Charles. Being able to sit with Ken and Charles plus be guided is essential. They are preparing ex-offenders how to go on job interviews, how to dress for a job interview, and how to write resumes. Ken explained, “Learning how to use a smart phone is frustrating in itself. Being able to create an email address and send your resume online takes time and patience.

Last night we hung out with two gentlemen who are well aware that food insecurities is a truth for many people. Their routines are evident. Packing bags and making sure that each bag is equal. Fresh Vegetables including salad in the bag, frozen chicken breast, and a special treat like frozen vegetable pizza. Ken Bright & Charles Simmons are always in the season of giving.

If you are interested in supporting Ken Bright & Charles Simmons contact (347) 231-7942 at 47 South Fifth Avenue., Mount Vernon, NY‬ #lps #changinglives #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife

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