Tha B.U.M.P joined Ken Bright 

You can ride up to a window and order a meal in five minutes. You can sit down and order a juicy lobster with melted butter to dip it in fifteen minutes. You can also place an order while driving home from work and meet the delivery man at your front door in thirty minutes. For many this is their normal way of living. Daily on the go. But, for others food insecurities is a nightmare.

I hung out with two gentlemen this morning who are well aware that food insecurities is a truth for many people. Their routines were evident. Packing bags and making sure that each bag is equal. Fresh Vegetables including salad in the bag, frozen chicken breast, and a treat today frozen vegetable pizza. Ken Bright and Charles Simmons are always in the season of giving.

Ken Bright founded The LPS. Group. LIFE Progressive Services Group Inc. in 2009 his organization became a 501c3 and he started the food pantry about a year ago. Giving others a feeling of self-esteem. “Change Your Mind Set, You Change Your Life” is the motto that is written on the back of their hoodies. Ken believes by changing your mind-set you will change your life. By infusing men and women released from prison with preventive mechanisms: family, religious community involvement, community partnerships, clothing, food, housing, employment training and jobs.

“Good afternoon my brother” is how they greeted each person passing. “Would you like a bag?” Many stopped and knew Ken and Charles by name. New people asked what was in the bag and once explained they smiled with, “Sure!” as a bag was handed to them. Ken said, “We started the displacement of food package for returning citizens who come thru this program. Part of our program is geared towards redemption; the act of making something better.”

A pregnant woman approached disheveled and in need. “Hey Sis would you like a bag of food?” She was not in her right frame of mind and could not decide if she should say yes or no. She decided to stand and just listen to the list of what was in the bags. She moved on without taking a bag of food. Gestured that she will return. Charles said, “You’ll be alright Sis keep your head up.” These brothers are not just giving food. They are holding small conversations of organic love.

We stood for exactly forty five minutes. Holding conversations and smiling. Both shopping carts were full to the rim at twelve noon. By twelve forty five they were empty. We packed up and returned to the office.

One bag at a time. With  ❤️ Cynthia

Contact Ken Bright via telephone 347-231-7942, email, and FACEBOOK kenbright 1:00pm to 2:00pm #thinkgreen #thabump



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