Tha B.U.M.P Supports Women’s March on Wahington

Check out the incredible newsletter that Founder Cynthia Turnquest-Jones was interviewed and featured with other incredible Women. It will be disseminated to the Women from Minnesota Marching in Washington and shared nationally. Here is a small snap shot…. “In my life, I have attended many marches. Marching helps me to connect with like-minded individuals and reboots my spirit to continue serving females in my community. I was pregnant eighteen years ago with my first son when I attended my first march. I remember Faith Evans, ex-wife of the rapper Notorious B.I.G., singing a spiritual song that moved the crowd to tears; it was on my birthday October 25, 1997, with an estimated 750,000 Black women. We gathered together to march on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia to focus on our trials, circumstances, and successes.”…. (Click on LINK to read more Thank You Anna Kaiper for reaching out to me for words from my soul along with other Women. ❤️ Cynthia ​

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