Tha B.U.M.P Supports St. Marys Episcopal Church 

Pastor Mary Foulke is the pastor of St Marys Episcopal Church. St. Mary is known as the Saint of Justice. 

Erected in 1832…

St Marys Episcopal Church is located on 521 West 126th Street between Amsterdam & Broadway. Harlem, New York 10027 (201) 956-5356 or 917-922-5367

There are a plethora of community service opportunities at St Marys any day of the week. If you need something to do check out St Marys Programs:  

Monday Soup Kitchen 5pm – 7pm

Tuesday Medical Clinic 5pm – 8pm

Saturday’s & Sunday’s Thrift Shop 1pm – 5pm

Saturday Outreach 11am – 3pm

Nightly Robert D Jones Memorial Shelter 7pm – 7am

Ecclesia Sunday’s at Marcus Garvey Park 2pm (volunteers to prepare sandwiches on the 1st Sunday of each month are welcome!)
There are 5 ways of giving… Togetherness. Prayer. Time. Talent. Treasure. 
Information ABOUT Donations: 

Clinic – ran my medical students from Columbia University. Everything they use comes thru Columbia. Access people. Prescribe medication. 

Food Pantry – no perishable food. 
Shelter – volunteers to stay over night, advocates, sheets, pillows, blankets 10 beds

Thrift Shop – Dwayne 347-261-9478 TEXT ONLY 

With ❤️ Cynthia

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