Tha B.U.M.P Standing with Hawa Bah

The sidewalk was standing room only. Spilling out into the streets. We gathered together to educate the community about what took place on 113 Morningside Avenue & 124 Street four years ago. Mothers and Fathers of slain children filled the side walk and walk way in support of Hawa Bah. Mothers and Fathers who understand and are too mourning the lost of their child to criminal activities from the police or the community. Parents, relatives, and friends of Ramarley Graham, Michael Baez, Shantell Davis, Kimani Gray, Frank Francois III, Amadu Diallo, John Collado, Anthony Rosario, Hilton Vega and Nicholas Hayward Jr all joined Hawa Bah.

On September 25, 2012 Hawa Bah called 911 for an ambulance. NYPD ESU officers arrived instead. Mohamed Bah a 28-year old who migrated from Guinea, worked as a cab driver and had been a student at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Bah was in his home and was not committing a crime. They were called because he was having a mental episode. Mohamed never committed a crime a day in his life. Even though NYPD Determined Mohamed was not a threat, Lt. Michael Licitra busted into his apartment. NYPD released a document stating Lt. Licitra broke NYPD protocol. The only discipline Lt. Licitra received was a letter to file suggesting he “re-familiarize” himself with protocol for dealing with people in emotional distress.

After busting into Mohamed’s home, NYPD officers shot him 8 times. NYPD’s account of the incident is inconsistent with the Medical Examiner’s report. Evidence shows that Mohamed was on the ground when the fatal shot to his head was fired at close range. NYPD stated that Mohamed had a knife, but the NYPD cannot produce the alleged knife. Now in the deposition of Officer Mateo, he admitted that Mohamed was not stabbing him and he did not see him stab anyone else. Evidence shows Mateo was actually tasered by another officer.
Did you know that the NYPD protocol states that when an individual is emotionally distressed, family members should be utilized to help calm them? Well ladies and gentlemen, Mohamed’s mother was denied access to her son. The Department of Justice is currently reviewing his case. Call DOJ: 212-637-2200 and tell them #prosecutenypd officers who killed #mohamedbah #thabump With ❤️ Cynthia





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