Brown Mothers’ Support Stopping Police Terror

The Legacy of Catastrophe

Could it be the slave ship and the body swinging from the tree. Or is it the dark chocolate skinned Sister giving birth to a high yellow baby. Black & Brown people’s memory of American history is deep with a legacy of catastrophe. 

Maybe it is the white child being breast feed by a dark brown nipple. How about in 1955 when they took Emmett Till a 14 year old lowered him in the Tallahatchie River with bob-wire around his neck. Attached to a cotton gin fan. This was after they shot him in the head, cut out his tongue, cut off his Johnson, gouge out his eye, and cut off his ear and yeah I forgot to add bust out his teeth. Not guilty! 

While we still attempt to triumph on bending knees and singing songs wishing and hoping. Some people who are singing stopped believing. Others are cooning and peacocking drunk off their success until they too get slapped with, “You is a Niggah.” 

Many of us are well-adjusted to injustice. And have fallen in love with lies. Addicted to lies, illusion, delusion, deception, and deceit. 

Do not ask us what we want in two thousand and sixteen. ❤️ Cynthia a Brown Mother #thabump #stoppoliceterror





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