Tha B.U.M.P Supports Raise The Age For Charges Against Youth in New York State 

The vast majority of children who go to juvenile prison are locked up for infractions like cutting school etc… The “First Annual Youth Sit-Down Luncheon” was held in Mount Vernon, New York. CEO Ken Bright along with champions against charging YOUTH as adults gathered to infuse young men. The new hash tag #raisetheageny is on the scene with documentaries highlighting many boys with Diagnoses of “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”   

 The young boys who attended watches Prison Kids a documentary Russel Simmons opened the documentary saying, “Kids who needs help but instead are locked up. If a society is judged by how they care for their most vulnerable citizens, are we ready for judgement day?” 

 “Prison Kids: A Crime Against America’s Children,” features interviews with people who spent their youth in the juvenile justice system. The result is an hour-long doc – narrated by actress Gabourey Sidibe – that not only tells their personal stories, but exposes the far-reaching tentacles of a system that statistics show leads to increased probability of adult incarceration, sexual victimization and suicide for the minors who are tangled in it.

The guest of honour was Johnny Perez speaking to the youth he said… The judge said, “Johnny Perez you are hear by sentenced to 15 years in prison. You can not talk your way out of a situation that you behaved yourself into.” Johnny was normally released over and over again. Which he did not notice that he was creating a track record. He did not realize it until he was being sentenced.”

Mr. Ramsey & Cecil H Parker Boys to Men
Former First Lady Betty Davis 
Former School Board Trustee 
Students from Mt St Michael Academy Earl Jones II and Kobe Jones 
Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr
Damon K Jones & AJ Woodson of Black Westchester 
Judge Andrian Armstrong
County Legislature Lyndon Williams 

During the luncheon I overheard someone say, “Florida has no age as to when a child can be arrested.”

Be a part of #raisetheageny #thabump With ❤️ Cynthia



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